Welcome to US Boat Transport, I am Eric Chevillet and the owner of Safe Harbor Haulers, LLC. The purpose of US Boat Transport is to provide useful information to anyone requiring overland boat transport. Over the years providing boat transport I get many of the same questions. Sometimes these questions come to me too late for the people who have already made the wrong decisions. My purpose here is to educate and inform people so they’re never on the wrong side of those uninformed decisions. Need to choose a boat transporter, marina or boatyard? How about DOT or insurance information? What about prepping for transport or loading and unloading? Long haul transport trailer or hydraulic? Answers to these and many more questions will be in the posts to follow. I welcome you to read through us boat transport with the hopes of making your next transport a smooth one.

Boat Transport Questions or Topics

    If you have a question regarding a topic not yet covered, feel free to send me an email at Eric@SafeHarborHaulers.com. I will be happy to respond as well as write more posts for all to benefit from. I transport many boats throughout each year however, I give far more quotes than I could ever possibly transport by myself. For that reason, if I cannot get you on my schedule, I am always happy to refer you to other very capable boat transporters. I work within a select group of owner / operators that are considered throughout the industry to be the very best at what we do. Again, feel free to brows as it is my goal that even if I don’t personally transport your boat I would like everything to go well with your boat transport.

Sincerely, Eric Chevillet