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Preparing Your Boat
for Transport Checklist

Preparation for transport is not the carrier's responsibility.
Proper preparation of your boat for transport requires careful planning and attention to detail.
Please remember that if your boat is being moved at 55 miles per hour into a head wind, it can experience hurricane force conditions.
Preparing the mast for transporting is the responsibility of who ever the owner authorizes to do the work.
If the mast is to be transported on top of boat it is also their responsibility to secure the mast to the boat properly.
After transport, the keel on sailboats will often appear to show signs of separation at the hull. This is not structural damage, but rather cracks in the paint or sealant.
General information

  1. All articles such as canvas, anchor, rope, etc. should be stored in proper compartments that can be secured.
  2. Hatches should be tightly secured and sealed with tape to prevent damage from wind-driven water. The latches should also be taped securely to prevent the hatch from coming open while in transit.
  3. All items in the cabin should be packed securely and all locker doors should be well secured. Normally the driver may not have a key, so any loose items will cause damage.
  4. The boat should be winterized if cold weather is a possibility.
  5. For wooden boats, will be transported "As Is" basis only, and we will not be responsible for any resulting damage.
  6. Items to be removed:

    • Fuel (as much as possible)
    • Water
    • Sewage

  Should there be any dispute over the terms of this agreement or transport of this boat in question,
the prevailing shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys fee and cost.
The client acknowledges reviewing the terms of this Transport checklist,
and accepts those terms and conditions.

Hope this helps you prepare your boat for transport, any other question
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Insurance Company: Progressive Ins. Co.
Cargo Coverage: $250,000

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