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NAME: Patrick Williams
CITY: Alpine, CA

COMMENTS: Rick is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Hauled a 33 Newport from Ventura CA to Anacortes WA. No problems, helped with prep and price was best I found.

DATE: January 3, 2017

NAME: Larry
CITY: Sacramento, CA

COMMENTS: Rick is an outstanding driver and loader being very meticulous on the loading of our boat. He was on time at both locations. I highly recommend this company.

DATE: Monday December 1, 2016

NAME: Dave Norris
CITY: Los Gatos, CA

COMMENTS: couple of photos from this morning's very professional prep for travel. SV "Wings" is a 1995 Pacific Sea craft 32-ft Pilothouse. It was nice meeting you and observing your very competent & professional "packaging" of this transport for new owner Brian. I've enjoyed the past eight years owning this vessel and Lake Washington will enjoy this new tenant.

DATE: Monday April 14, 2015

NAME: Mike Watkins
CITY: Bellingham WA

COMMENTS: Betty Lou and Rick for the great job!! They moved my 40 foot fishing boat form Napa Ca to Bellingham Wa in a timely manner so I could get to my next fishery. This family is the best to work with and I will be using them again!! Thank you again!!!!!

DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2014

NAME: Chad W.
CITY: Newport Beach, CA

COMMENTS: purchased a 1951 Stephens 42 foot in Stockton and started making arrangements to get it transported to Southern California. I happened to stumble on this website and after reading the reviews I knew I had found the right transporter. I submitted a request for a quote and received a call back a day or two later from Betty and Sal who I found to be extremely knowledgable and kind. After giving Sal the particulars about my boat and intentions for delivery he promptly gave me a very fair quote and I knew this was the guy who would carefully handle the shipping of my classic woody. Sal helped me make the arrangements with the boat yards who would haul and launch it and negotiated a very fair deal for me. Sal showed up the exact time and day we had agreed upon with his grandson and great grandson who were both professional boat transporters as well. They instructed the yard on the careful handling and loading of my boat and blocked and secured it better than I could have i! magined. My boat arrived exactly as it left Stockton and ahead of schedule. I would never consider using another transporter in the future. If you want the job done right and exactly as agreed upon these guys will be the only transporter you will use as well. Any person who would like to discuss my experience with Sal is more than welcome to call me for a person reference @ 714-269-9990

DATE: Tuesday October 15, 2013

NAME: David Bristow
CITY: Chico CA

COMMENTS: What an amazing service! We needed our boat moved from Long Beach to Benicia and these guys were awesome. There were problems with boatyards on both ends and the owner not delivering the boat on time to the yard but Piazza and Sons kept their cool, got everyone focused on the task at hand and delivered the boat without so much as a smudge on it. Would use this company again without hesitation. Did I mention that they beat everyone else's bid too??? Can't beat the true professionals: Piazza and Sons.

DATE: Tuesday October 30, 2012

NAME: Craig Hutchinson
CITY: Walnut Creek CA

COMMENTS: My sail boat was in Port Angeles , WA, and needed shipped down to Alameda, CA. The only companies I could find to do the job up in WA were non-committal as to a date for pick-up and delivery. I came back to CA frustrate, until a local broker provieded me the contact to Piazza Trucking. The entire family were professional, on time, and treated my boat with great care. Upon delivery I noticed that the Marina in WA had taken my heavy duty dock line I had set up on my mast for them to fork it onto the truck. I thought I would never see it again, but, Sal Piazza, went out of his way and retreived it on his next trip up to WA and personally dropped it off to me. That is service far and above what I could possibly hope for!!!! Thank you again to all the Piazza family!!!!

DATE: Tuesday October 2, 2012

NAME: Carpenter
CITY: Napa, CA

COMMENTS: Piazza and Sons trucking were a pleasure to do business with. My boat was just hauled from Southern California and every thing went beautifully. Thank you for the great service Sal..

DATE: Friday October 14, 2011

NAME: Tom Riplle
CITY: Wilsonville OR.

COMMENTS: Sal at Napa Valley Marina in the Bay Area as he was unloading a boat he had just delivered from Olympia. I myself, needed to move a recenttly purchased Nordic 40 sailboat to Olympia! I asked Sal for a business card and put the encounter aside. Within a few days of our meeting, Sal personally contacted me and said that his schedule had opened up, could he haul do the haul for x amount? I immediately said \"yes\" because of his attitude, the fact that he took the initiative to track me down, and he was in the \"ball park\". I highly recommend Sal and Betty Lou. After my dealings with them, I consider them personal friends.

DATE: Thursday May 26, 2011

NAME: Walt G.
CITY: Sonoma CA.

COMMENTS: Kept in 24/7 contact during the rainy Month of March 2011 and delivered my delicate Capo 30 ~ Balsa Cored Sailboat from Long Beach Ca to Napa Valley Ca. without a scratch not an easy chore in a storm ~ Piazza and Sons are First Class reliable Transporters ~ The Best without Hesitation. Thanks

DATE: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NAME: John Iott
CITY: Red Bluff, CA

COMMENTS: Piazza transport has moved my boat from Galveston Texas to Red Bluff, CA on to Olympia ,WA. From Olympia, WA. to Red Bluff and Back to Olympia. 5 trips in 5 years without a hiccup. They are great people to work with. They do what they say they will on time, very professional and knowledgeable, I highly recommend them.

DATE: Sunday, May 15, 2011

NAME: Cook
CITY: Sacramento, CA

COMMENTS: Sal and Bette did a terrific job bringing our little jewel box (as my wife calls her) from Port Townsend to Oakland last fall. They worked successfully with the boatyards on both ends with arrival and loading details. The boat was shrink wrapped and arrived clean and in perfect condition (except for a lot of bugs on the shrink wrap). Sal had helpful tip on loading and offloading the boat and its freshly varnished spruce mast. Sal and Bette were punctual, professional and delightful to deal with. I would certainly use their services again.

DATE: Feb 1, 2011

NAME: Tom Johnson
CITY: Stockton, CA

COMMENTS: I needed quick transport for my sailboat from Santa Barbara to Stockton. Sal and Betty came through really fast - Sal is a total pro with tons of experience that shows through. I would trust my boat to Sal anyday... and the price was right too.

DATE: July 15, 2010

NAME: Charlie Slabaugh
CITY: Sacramento, CA

COMMENTS: I want to thank Sal and Betty for their "extra efforts" in helping me transport my 35' Carver Mariner from the Central California Coast to the Delta after exceptionally poor weather prevented me from continuing my voyage.
Piazza and Sons came highly recommended and that recommendation was supported by the care and concern both Betty and Sal put into working with me prior to and during the transport. I had contacted other transporters but after talking with Betty I knew this was going to be the mover for me. Working within a very narrow time frame and less than ideal highway conditions, they both made the move happen and the boat was delivered as promised.
Sal, Betty, and their son Bill were a real pleasure to work with and I will use them again if I have any transports. I recommend them to anyone who needs their boat transported and wants the attention to detail and family touch they bring to the job.
Kindest regards,

DATE: July 1, 2010

NAME: John & Peggy Moore
CITY: Vancouver, Washington

COMMENTS: When we were buying our 1982 3270 Bayliner in San Rafael, California, we needed to find someone to bring it up to the Portland, Oregon, area to put in the Columbia River, where it will be moored. An internet search found Piazza & Sons. After researching several companies and getting many quotes, we chose Piazza and Sons.
Because we were traveling from the Portland area to the San Francisco area to do the sea trial and buy the boat, the date of transit was uncertain. Bette was very willing to work with me as I had to change the date a couple of times.
Sal arrived early on Thursday morning and spent a lot of time making sure our "baby" was safe on his trailer. He was able to get it to Portland safe and sound and in time to have it launched at Danish Marine on Friday. He was an absolute delight to work with. If we ever need to move a boat again, we know who we will call!
Thank you, Bette & Sal.

DATE: February 22, 2010

NAME: David & Mary Tooker
CITY: Aptos, CA

COMMENTS: What great fortune it was for us to hear about Piazza Yacht Transporters. Sal came highly recommended and did a first class job of moving our Ingrid 38. Betty very ably scheduled our move and kept us in
formed as to when and what to expect.
There is no subsitute for experience and we can say with confidence that Sal is very knowledgeable in every aspect of the move and simply the best all around!
Sincere thanks for a job well done and Kindest regards.
David & Mary

DATE: July 22, 2008

NAME: Steve Buttling
CITY: South Lake Tahoe, CA

COMMENTS: Having worked with the entire Piazza family loading and off-loading power and sail boats at beautiful Lake Tahoe, it was refreshing to see a professional team at work. Sal treats and cares for the vessels in his charge as if they were his own. A pleasure every visit.
See you soon,

DATE: July 15, 2008

NAME: Rod Pope
CITY: Gibson's B/C Canada

COMMENTS: I had the good fortune to stumble upon Betty & Sal to move my 36' sailboat from Marine Del Ray CA to Bellingham WA. The cost was most competitive, the service was excellent, and the care taken could not have been more expertly done. Betty is wonderful, how she schedules the moves for Sal and leaves nothing out when booking the moves. The price quoted is the price you pay on delivery, on time and NO extras. A great experience with great people to deal with, I plan on purchasing another sailboat soon, and Sal will be the mover.

Thank you both for the great move.

DATE: March 1, 2008

NAME: Jane Boyles
CITY: Strawberry, AZ

COMMENTS: After being assigned the task of overseeing the moving of our son's 32 ft Trawler, I started contacting various boat haulers. I got quite an education in how few are equipped with a good PR person at the front desk and how few responded to my request for a quote in a professional manor. Bette Piazza gave me the utmost respect and took care of every detail to make this transport from Ventura to Alameda painless for us.

When we met Sal at the Marina, it was like meeting a long lost brother. He paid great attention to detail and the boat was hauled without incident. They truly are a professional team in every way, and thanks to their wonderful son Bill, the web site is easy to navigate and every detail was taken care of by phone and email.

This is a five star company. Our son was very happy with the whole transport of his beloved boat. Do not hesitate to use Sal Piazza for your boating needs.

DATE: October 10, 2007

NAME: John Mullen
CITY: Santa Cruz, CA

COMMENTS: From the first phone call to final delivery, Betty and Sal were professional, competent and caring. Once I talked to Betty I knew I was in good hands. She gave me a couple of dates for pick up and worked with me to adjust their schedule to meet mine. Thank you Betty.

Sal and Betty have extremely good working relationships with the local shipyards which you will find to be highly valuable.

Looking back at the move, excellent communication and local knowledge by Betty and Sal is what made it a pleasant experience rather then the nightmare it could easily have turned into.

I met Sal at the pick up point, Marina Shipyard in Long Beach at 9:00 am, and my boat (a 30' Catalina) was already on his custom built trailer. He spent the next two and half hours insuring that the boat was securely in place and tied down. At 8:00 am the next day I once again met Sal at Moss Landing in Monterey, where the boat was off loaded. Sal and I thoroughly inspected the boat on the trailer at the pick up and destination. It had not moved at all during the trip and was in the same position and condition at Moss Landing as it was when picked up in Long Beach.

If I ever need to move a boat again, it will be by Piazza & Sons. They are simply the best. I wish everything about boating was as easy as working with Betty and Sal.

DATE: February 27, 2007

NAME: Kent Cobb
CITY: Ridgefield, Washington

COMMENTS: I read one of the other comments that referred to Sal as the GOLD STANDARD of large boat truckers... I agree with Hugh Owens' description of Sal 100%!!

I met up with Sal at a truckstop in southern Oregon, saw his equipment at work and scheluled the move of my Formosa 41 Ketch from Napa Calif. right at that time, (however we had to cancel because we couldn't get dry work area storage in the south Puget Sound area). Sal and Betty were both very patient and eventually my wife was able to get storage for our "Wind Rose" at Swantown in Olympia, WA.

Betty very quickly fit us into Sal's schedule and Sal moved our boat (through very stormy-windy & rainy weather) to Olympia from Napa without a scratch & on time. I am a 31 year owner-operator trucker myself; (I haul newsprint to 5 Bay area newspapers and return with a haz-mat medication for the salmon hatcheries in WA & OR and various other chemicals northbound weekly between Seattle and San Francisco Bay; I've been doing the same for 8+ years now!!!) So you might know that I know professional and quality trucking when I see it.

Piazza & Son will always be our Big Boat transportation company!!

DATE: November 16, 2005

NAME: Charles Tedrow
CITY: North Bend, Oregon

COMMENTS: My Tartan 30 was just trucked from Napa, California to Charleston, Oregon. Thanks to Sal, Betty and thier son, it was stress free and even a pleasant experience. Sal arrived at the yard the night before my boat was to be loaded and he delivered my boat in perfect condition as scheduled. Along the way he called twice to let me know how the trip was going. I was lucky that Betty was able to fit me into their schedule. Believe the praise in the other comments, if I ever move a boat again it will be with Sal.

DATE: November 11, 2005

NAME: Ed Hunt
CITY: Cedar City, UT

COMMENTS: Thanks to Sal and Bette for the great service. Bette was patient and flexible as I changed the destination the boat was going to, and Sal was there with the truck earlier than promised. They both actually drove to see the boat before picking it up to make sure everything would go well. The boat was delivered on time as promissed. Next time I'll sail her to her destination, but if I ever need trucking again, I'll be back with Piazza.

Madame X (36' steel Roberts sailboat)

DATE: July 15, 2005

NAME: Mike Nielsen
CITY: Murrieta, CA

COMMENTS: WOW! Sal and Betty are great. My sailboat was getting hauled from South Lake Tahoe to San Deigo. This was an early winter, and the weather window was closing earlier than normal. But Betty stayed in contact with the marina, and Sal went and spent the night before so he would be there first thing for the PU and get out before the next storm. I may still be there if he hadn't done that.

Not only that but they pay close attention to detail, so the boat was picked up in excellent condition, and delivered just the same.

I also had the pleasure of just talking with Sal for a while when we were being unloaded and he was preparing to pull out. Thanks Sal I enjoyed the conversation, and also exceptional job you did for me.

I will recommend you to anyone who asks. Use them they'll do the job for you for sure.

DATE: March 31, 2005

NAME: Robert Davis
CITY: Quartz Hill, CA

COMMENTS: After another southland based transportation company failed on their commitment to deliver our Hunter 33.5 from Stockton CA to Ventura I randomly started calling various transportation companies. The majority of them were either aloof on their availability or otherwise vague on pricing and didn�t seem to care about my urgent need let alone give me the time of day. The process reminded me a lot of trying to buy a new car where the salesmen needs to go into a back room and talk to his manager.

I stumbled on to Piazza Boat Transportation via their easy to navigate web site. After speaking with Sal�s wife Betty who manages all of Sal�s scheduling and deliveries I knew I had found a unique company where customer service was the most important product they offer. Betty explained in detail about their process. She went into great depth in regards to the insurance coverage as well as the type of equipment used to cradle and gently transport our sailboat using their air-ride trailer. Their pricing was 10-15% lower than others.

From the minute I hung up the phone I knew I was in good hands. Betty kept in regular contact with me to ensure on-time pickup and delivery. I worked along side Sal during the loading and unloading (sorry Sal I was probably more a pain then any help) and saw first hand the care Sal gives to each of his boats (as if he owns them). During loading Sal gave me the tour of his Canada built Aldura boat trailer. He demonstrated the ability of raising and adjusting the air ride. He worked with the marinas at both ends to ensure our boat was raised and lowered with care.

I agree with the other customers who have already commented that you should consider and trust no other company with your investment.

Best regards,
Robert Davis

DATE: September 21, 2004

NAME: Skip and Chris Hospers
CITY: Boulder Creek, CA

COMMENTS: Thank you very much for the great photos of "Ronim" and for your call to let us know that she had received in Seattle Safely. Your Thoughtfulness and the personal touches that you bring to your business, made a difficult chore much easier for us. Our best wishes to you and your family.

DATE: September 5, 2004

NAME: Frank Quinn
CITY: Auburn, CA

COMMENTS: I had Sal haul my boat from Santa Barbara to San Francisco bay in May 2004. He and Betty were great to work with and did a fine job at a fair price. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing boat transport on the west coast.

DATE: August 6, 2004

NAME: Howard Simonson
CITY: Port Ludlow, WA

COMMENTS: I recently hired Betty and Sal to move my Tartan Blackwatch from Moss Landing CA to Port Ludlow WA. Betty was a pleasure to work with on the phone and Sal could not have worked any harder to assure my boats safe delivery. Like the Post Office, Sal drove through the rain, snow and sunshine and delivered my 37 foot sailboat without a scratch. I really appreciate the care and expertise Betty and Sal brought to this move, especially when you hear so many horror stories. Thanks Betty and thanks Sal.

DATE: Monday, March 29, 2004

NAME: Bill and Peggy Allen
CITY: Bellevue, Washington

COMMENTS: What a pleasant experience it was to deal with Sal and Betty. They went out of their way to make us comfortable with every aspect of moving our 37 Carver from San Rafael to Seattle. Sal worked with the boat yard where it was being prepared for the move to be sure all would go well. The weather in Oregon chose not to cooperate with Sal's original plan, but he took it in stride. The boat arrived in tip-top shape. Thanks Sal for a great job!

DATE: Tuesday, January 13, 2004

NAME: Hugh Owens
CITY: Jackson, Wyoming

COMMENTS: I have had four sailboats moved long distance in my life and Sal is the Gold Standard. On a recent move to the Bay area,the crane operator dropped our 30000 lb boat and it was Sal who managed to salvage a horrible situation and get her safely to CA. He is safe and honest and careful and is the gold standard in boat moving, ON TIME and ON BUDGET. If you're able to engage his expert services, consider yourself lucky. He is one of a dying breed of owner operators who have pride in their equipment and their abilities. He is also a sweet guy with an Italian twinkle in his eye and a fine Wife Betty and a hardworking son, Bill. Consider no one else!

DATE: Thursday, December 18, 2003

S E N D   Y O U R   C O M M E N T

I N S U R A N C E   I N F O R M A T I O N
Insurance Company: Northland Insurance Co.
Liability Coverage: $750,000
Insurance Company: Progressive Ins. Co.
Cargo Coverage: $250,000

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