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Photo Gallery

Transporting a 1970 43' Columbian Sailboat


Transporting a Western 38' Trawler


Transporting a Harbor Master 41'


Transporting a 1975 Formosa 41'


Transporting a 36' Roberts Steel Sailboat.


Transporting a 1978 34' CHB Trawler.


Transporting a 1998 37' Carver Voyager.


Transporting a 1967 Cal 48 Sailboat.


Transporting a 1985 41' Cooper Sailboat


Transporting a commercial fishing boat.


Transporting a 53' Bluewater houseboat.


Loading a sailboat by crane.


Waiting to unload a boat by Travelift.


Transporting a sailboat.


Transporting a large Formula boat.


Transporting a (1986 51ft Bluewater houseboat)


Transporting a 37ft Tartan Blackwatch Sailboat.


Transporting a 1994 38ft 5in Catalina-Morgan Sailboat.


Transporting a J105 Sailboat.


Piazza & Sons Trucking
Boat Transport
Independently owned and operated, for that "personal touch".
PO Box 628, Pollock Pines, CA, 95726


Piazza boat transport yacht delivery specializing in large boats in the Western United Stated. We are experienced boat transporters.

I N S U R A N C E   I N F O R M A T I O N
Insurance Company: Northland Insurance Co.
Liability Coverage: $750,000
Insurance Company: Progressive Ins. Co.
Cargo Coverage: $250,000

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